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There are many historical and natural sites in Argentina, including Plaza de Mayo, Mariloche Scenic Area, Iguazu Falls, Los Graciares National Park, the world’s highest extinct volcano - Mount Aconcagua, known as the "end of the world" Ushuaia, and the Patagonian Plateau, a photography paradise in South America.

Natural Wonders

Argentina is located in the southeastern part of South America, and the terrain is gradually low and flat from west to east.

The west is a mountainous region with undulating veins and the majestic Andes as the main body, which accounts for about 30% of the country's area.

The Pampas grasslands in the east and the middle are famous agricultural and pastoral areas.

The north is mainly the Gran Chaco Plain, which is swampy and forest.

The south is the Patagonian plateau which is the paradise for outdoor adventure and photography.

The main mountains are Ojos de Salado, Mejicana, and Aconcagua at 6,964 meters above sea level, which is the highest in South America. The famous Umahuaca Canyon was once the passage for the ancient Inca culture to reach Argentina, and was called the "Inca Road".

The Parana River is 4,700 kilometers in length, it is the second largest river in South America. The main lakes are Lake Chiquita, Lake Argentino and Lake Viedma.

Best Places to Visit in Argentina

  • 1 Iguazu Falls The widest waterfall in the world
  • 2 Buenos Aires The capital and one of Latin America’s largest cities
  • 3 Los Glaciares One of the largest and most easy-to-get-to ice fields on the planet
  • 4 El Chalten Best known for Patagonia
  • 5 Mendoza Largest wine producing region and famous for Aconcagua
  • 6 Ushuaia A popular base for Antarctica cruises
  • 7 Bariloche Known as the "Little Switzerland" of Argentina
  • 8 Puerto Madryn A good place for whale watching
  • 9 Cordoba The second largest city with abundant colleges and universities
  • 10 Ibera Wetlands The second largest wetlands on the planet

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Useful Argentina Travel Tips

Best time to visit Argentina

The best traveling time is April to September.

January and February are very hot, while the subtropical areas of the north are very humid (including Iguazu Falls). But it is the best season to visit the Andean highlands and southern Patagonia, athough you still need to prepare warm clothes for travel.

The best seasons in Buenos Aires are spring and autumn. Skiers will choose to travel to the Andes in winter (June to September).