Welcome to Morocco

Morocco is an ancient civilization with a history of thousands of years. The four famous imperial cities here still retain their original appearance.

Southern Morocco is connected to the Sahara Desert, and most tourists who travel to Morocco choose to enter the Sahara. Riding a camel, watching the sunrise and sunset in the desert, camping in the Sahara, and shooting the starry sky are all classic Sahara travel options.

Morocco is a country with rich colors. The red of Marrakech, the white of Casablanca, the blue of Chefchaouen, the gold of Sahara... together make up this colorful country.

Sahara Desert Tours

The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world. Extending from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Red Sea coast in the east, covers an area of about 9.06 million square kilometers, almost one third of the African continent.

There are many desert groups in Morocco. After arriving in Morocco, you can join a 2-3 days desert tour to the Sahara. There are private or groups tours.

There are two main desert camps in the Sahara: Erg Chigaga dunes and Erg Chebbi dunes.

Most desert group tours depart from Marrakech and there are options of 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights, and 4 days 3 nights. Considering the time and experience, most people will choose 3 days and 2 nights.

Best Places to Visit in Morocco

  • 1 Marrakech The most popular destination of Morocco
  • 2 Casablanca The largest and gateway city
  • 3 Rabat The capital and cultural center
  • 4 Chefchaouene Known as the 'blue city'
  • 5 Fès Leather dyeing workshop and photography spots
  • 6 Essaouira Beach resort for surfing and sailing
  • 7 Asilah A popular seaside resort town
  • 8 Merzouga A base to explore the Sahara Desert
  • 9 High Atlas The highest peak of Jbel Toubkal
  • 10 Sidi Ifni Small fishing village with awe-inspiring rock formations

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Discover Morocco

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Useful Morocco Travel Tips

Best time to visit Morocco

March to June and September to October are the best time to travel Morocco.

June to September is the hottest and driest season , especially in Sahara Desert area.

October to March of the following year is the winter of Morocco, it is also the rainy season in coastal areas.

Money Exchange

Local banks or hotels can only accept Euros and US dollars.

Hotel Ali by Marrakech’s Gemmafna Square is the best choice for money exchange. The exchange rate here is better than that of the airport. Compared with other exchange agencies, it is about 0.04-0.1 higher.

Many currency exchange offices in Morocco may be closed on Sundays.

Top things to do in Morocco

  1. Experiencethe desert and photograph starry sky of the Sahara
    In the largest desert in the world, you can not only enjoy the vast desert landscape, but also ride a camel to watch the sunrise and sunset. At night, the sky full of stars and the Milky Way will become a feast of photographers.
  2. Strolling in the blue town of Chefchaouene
    Chefchaouen is a famous blue town in Morocco. Although it is not as well-known as Santorini, the blue of Chefchaouen is definitely not inferior to Santorini.
  3. Explore the villages of North Africa
    Ait Ben Haddou Village is located on the way to the Sahara Desert. It is called "the most beautiful village in Morocco".
  4. Experience the various things in the open-air market
    Vendors selling handicrafts, businessmen who constantly switch languages, street performers in strange costumes, and tourists watching performances... You can see the various forms of Marrakech culture here.
  5. Find the location of classic movies
    Whether you are in Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier or Ait Ben Haddou, you may encounter scenes that are familiar to you. Looking for scenes in classic movies has become an interesting activity in Morocco travel.