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Denmark is the southernmost country among the five Nordic countries. It is bordered by Germany to the south and Sweden and Norway across the sea to the north. This is the gateway to Northern Europe. The capital, Copenhagen, is the largest city in Northern Europe and an important airport for travel to Northern Europe.


Denmark is composed of hundreds of islands, large and small. Zealand is the largest island on the mainland of Denmark, facing Sweden across the Øresund Strait. This is also the island where the Danish capital, Copenhagen, the gateway city of Danish tourism. The most famous sights in Denmark, the Little Mermaid, Newport, Hamlet Castle and Frederiksborg, are all located on the island of Zealand.

Funen Island

Funen Island is located between Zealand and Jutland, and is the second largest island in Denmark. Because Odense, the hometown of Andersen, is located on this island, it has also become a must-visit place for Danish tourism. Funen Island has convenient transportation. Trains departing from Copenhagen can reach Odense in just over an hour.

Jutland Peninsula

The Jutland Peninsula is located between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and constitutes most of the Danish land. Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city, Billund where Legoland is located, Skagen, the northernmost point of Denmark, and the "oyster-flooded" Lim waterway area are all located in Jutland.

Overseas Territories

The land area of Denmark is small, but the overseas autonomous territories are very large, including the Greenland region and the Faroe Islands region. Greenland is famous for its polar scenery, and the Faroe Islands also have magnificent scenery. Traveling to these two overseas autonomous regions requires flying from Copenhagen.

Best Places to Visit in Denmark

  • 1 Copenhagen The country’s largest city and capital
  • 2 Aarhus The second largest city
  • 3 Odense The birthplace and childhood home of Hans Christian Andersen
  • 4 Bornholm Known for its glass and pottery
  • 5 Skagen The country’s main fishing port
  • 6 Roskilde One of Denmark’s oldest cities
  • 7 Aalborg The industrial and cultural center
  • 8 Elsinore Home to Kronborg: the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet
  • 9 Gilleleje An ancient fishing village
  • 10 Ribe Denmark’s oldest town and once a Viking marketplace

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Useful Denmark Travel Tips

Best time to visit Denmark

The best time to travel in Denmark is from June to September.

June to September: It is cool and sunny in summer. At this time, Denmark has long days and short nights. This is the best time to travel in Denmark, and it is very suitable for various outdoor activities.

November to March of the following year: Due to the influence of warm currents, the temperature in winter in Denmark is not particularly low, and it is around 0 degrees most of the time. But in winter, Denmark has more rain and snow, and the nights are long and the days are short, making it less suitable for outdoor activities.

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