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Safe and Accessible DestinationsTop 5 Suggestions You Should Follow

As most part of our world is suffering from COVID-19, flights delayed and borders closed, it was no chance to enjoy the vacation in 2020. It is still long way to improve the current situation, we are here trying to provide more practical travel ideas and possibilities for those are depressed.

Learning how to move on.

Safe and Accessible Destinations

The following countries are considered as the low risk of COVID destinations by CDC.GOV. So literally, these places are safe to travel. Besides, flights are available, of course, you need COVID test before heading to these countries.

#1 Thailand

There are many vacation islands in Thailand, could avoid tourists crowds and enjoy the isolate life on these beautiful beaches.

These 11 islands are recommended: Koh Yao Island, Koh Samui, Ko Tao, Ko Pha Ngan, Phuket, Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe, Koh Chang, Koh Phi Phi, Similan Islands, Koh Si Chang.

#2 Singapore

Singapore had the strict social policy during the COVID, so it is almost COVID free now. It has the most luxury hotels and advanced health care system, which makes Singapore become one of the most ideal places for traveling.

#3 China

Due to the strict control and fast test system, most of places in China is now back to normal life, people are free to travel and work.

If you don't mind the expensive international flights and 14-day quarantine, China is definitely the best choice for traveling in 2021. / Mercier Zeng

#4 Cambodia

Travel to Cambodia to experience a slice of intoxicating history, meet the incredibly friendly Khmer people and take-in the country's breathtaking natural beauty. The powerful Khmer empire once ruled Cambodia (along with contemporary Laos, Thailand and Vietnam). Remnants from those days can be found scattered throughout the country in the form of ancient monuments, most notably the temples of Angkor.

Note, however; Cambodia travel isn't solely about the past. The country's capital city of Phnom Penh is bustling, noisy and seductively chaotic, bursting with quality restaurants and a lively nightlife.

#5 Vietnam

Vietnam is a diverse country, with distinct climates, cuisines and cultural practices in the north and the south.

f you want to come away with a holistic picture of Vietnam, I highly recommend spending some time in both Northern Vietnam and the southern part of the country.

North Vietnam is more similar like Guangxi province of China, including food, culture, traditions even appearance. There are some good spots for traveling and photography in north, Halong Bay and Rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai are must-see.

Southern Vietnam has something for every type of traveller – from island beaches to meandering waterways and floating markets, charming UNESCO architecture to high-rise rooftop bars.

#6 New Zealand

New Zealand consists of two main islands, south island and north island. It is far from other countries, so it is less affected by COVID.

Because of low population density and beautiful landscapes, New Zealand is becoming another ideal vacation destination for 2021.

It is also a nice place for photography, if you are thinking of planning a photo tour, check out the local photo guides here. / Mercier Zeng

#7 Palau

An untamed paradise for divers and snorkellers, Paula is an archipelago of more than 500 islands, which sprout like giant mushrooms from the crystalline waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The island of Koror is the beating heart of the country and the entry point for most visitors. Home to most of Palau's inhabitants, it is far from the prettiest island in the archipelago and few choose to linger here. Those who do, however, can grab a slice of Micronesian life in the local bars and restaurants, where charismatic natives take pleasure convincing foreigners to try the local delicacy: fruit bat soup.

#8 Australia

Australia's classic sights are worth the journey all by themselves -- from the Sydney Opera House to Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef to Bondi Beach.

Beyond these grand destinations, Australia is a country crying out to be explored.

Its seemingly never-ending Outback is steeped in Aboriginal history, while the tropical rainforests of Queensland are home to brashly colored birds and other creatures.

The far west and north are vast, sparsely populated and spectacular, a magnet for those looking to get off the beaten track. Sydney's huge natural harbor is a playground for city dwellers, while Melbourne's food and coffee scenes are a match for anywhere in Europe and North America.

#9 Greenland

If you're hankering for a destination that's off most travelers' radar, look no farther than Greenland.

Though it's the world's largest island, it sees fewer than 100,000 visitors each year — which means you'll often feel like you've got the country's remarkable landscapes all to yourself.

Come in the summer, and you can sail among hulking icebergs under the midnight sun. Come in the winter, and you can speed across the snow behind a pack of energetic Greenland dogs. No matter which time of year you visit, you'll discover quiet, colorfully painted villages, dramatic rocky fjords, and friendly locals willing to invite you into their homes for coffee and cake.

#10 Fiji

Fiji is the perfect destination to live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasy.

This is a destination that lives up to all of the hype. White sandy beaches, sparkling aquamarine water, palm trees blowing in the warm breeze…this truly is paradise.

Fiji is comprised of multiple islands, all offering something just a little bit different. Go surfing, go snorkeling, go diving, go paddle boarding, or go hiking…there are numerous ways to stay active. Or, lounge in a hammock suspended between two palm trees, sipping a tropical drink from a coconut, while watching the sunset. If you are a beach lover, put Fiji high on your list.

Top 5 Suggestions You Should Follow

#1 Keep yourself strong

Life nowadays is full of stress and it can be hard for you to cope with all the ups and downs of life, especially the tough 2020, tens of thousands of people died because of corona virus disease.

It is important to keep yourself strong both mentally and physically to live a proper life.

Eating healthy, working out properly, feed yourself positive energy, strongly believing in yourself, exercise your mind, here are 5 tips for keeping yourself strong.

#2 Saving money

A little savings can save your life at critical moments, my financial management teacher told me that you must prepare an emergency reserve of 3 to 6 months.

It is good to have a job and income, but in case of emergencies , Such as this epidemic, such as business closures and layoffs, and so on, how to live life, so at least 3 to 6 months of emergency funds is very necessary.

#3 Stay with your family

Our relationships are invaluable. In fact, a study from Harvard has proven that seeking out and maintaining healthy relationships can actually help prolong life. And the truth is, being surrounded by quality relationships makes us happier in the long run.

We crave familial interaction. This is evidenced by the release of the hormone oxytocin when infants or babies interact with their mother after childbirth. Because levels of this “love hormone” increase when you hug someone or interact with someone you care deeply about, this hormone is associated with empathy, trust and relationships.

#4 Never stop learning and improving yourself

This year, many people were isolated at home due to the epidemic, some people even lost their jobs.

Some of them may play get lost at home, playing games, drinking, watching tv, enjoying at tiktok videos. They won't be the one could stand out after the epidemic, only those are still learning new knowleage and skill will do.

The economists predicted an increase of the world economy when the COVID done, then it's your show time.

#5 Take a long vacation and try to get a local work

The last suggestion is for who live in the COVID areas and tired of their current life.

Why not take a long vacation to some countries in Asia?

You could find a short-term local job such as English teaching, it is not hard in Thailand, Cambodia, and even in China.

Planning to photograph these destinations?

Find a local photography guide: We Are Guides in Thailand, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia

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