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Speaking of Greece, the blue and white houses on Santorini and the beautiful Aegean Sea will appear in people's minds. In fact, as one of the most popular tourist destinations, Greece has seven ancient historical sites and 18 world cultural heritages.

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Greece is known as the closest place to heaven, and the Aegean Sea is synonymous with romance. The White House, Blue Sea, and the Blue Roof Church are popular attractions for many newcomers to choose to take wedding photos.

Best Places to Visit in Greece

  • 1 Greek Islands Famous for the most picturesque Santorini
  • 2 Athens Known as the birthplace of democracy
  • 3 Crete The largest of the Greek islands
  • 4 Meteora The monastery suspended in the air
  • 5 Delphi The most popular archaeological site in Greece
  • 6 Peloponnese A wide peninsula connected to the mainland
  • 7 Halkidiki A trident-like peninsula with sporting excellent beaches
  • 8 Zagori The best national parks in Greece
  • 9 Thessaloniki The second largest city
  • 10 Cape Sounion Known as the site of the ruins of the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon

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Useful Greece Travel Tips

Best time to visit Greece

The best time to travel is April to June and September to November. August is the busiest time because of the holiday.

The temperature is about 26-30°C in summer and 10-15°C in winter. There are many sunny days throughout the year, with less rainfall, and rainfall is generally in winter.

Athens has a mild climate, suitable for travel all year round.