Welcome to Myanmar

Also known as Burma, Myanmar a great places for photography and exploring the authentic buddha culture in southeast Asia.

The most popular tourist destinations are Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake and Yangon.

Admire kinds of pagodas and monasteries, and experience the buddhism events and festivals.


There were over 10,000 pagodas in the whole Myanmar before 20th century, now only around 2000 pagodas left due to the war and several earthquake. Tens of pagodas were damaged in the earthquake happened on August 25, 2016, including the most famous one - Sulamani Temple.

It was still under repairing when I visited Bagan in November 2018.

Pagodas in Bagan and Mandalay are completely different. They are golden and white ones in Mandalay, however, pagodas in Bagan are built by bricks, the height is from one meter to hundreds of meters.


Bagan is definitely a paradise for worldwide photographers.

Capture hundreds of pagodas at sunrise and sunset, photograph the little monks who holding candles inside temples or walking in between pagodas, shoot the hot air balloons raising over sunrise and flying over the sumit of pagodas, and record the local people farming nearby pagodas.

I believe these exciting moments are worth every penny.

Besides, taking a hot balloon ride is also an exciting way to photograph and admire the bagan pagodas from above.

Best Places to Visit in Myanmar

  • 1 Bagan Home of over 2000 pagodas and stupas
  • 2 Inle Lake Floating village and most relaxing destination
  • 3 Mandalay Second largest city and former royal capital
  • 4 Yangon The largest and most modern city
  • 5 Ngapali The most popular beach holiday destination
Bagan Temples
Two Little Monks Reading
Hot Balloons Over Bagan
Sunset Silhouette on Ubein Bridge
  • 6 Mrauk U An abandoned city with strong archaeological importance
  • 7 Bago Very anthentic ancient capital of the Mon Kingdom
  • 8 Kyaiktiyo The most sacred site and popular pilgrimage spot
  • 9 Ngwe Saung Another beautiful beach destionation
  • 10 Pyin U Lwin A flower city and was the summer resort of British Raj

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Useful Myanmar Travel Tips

Best time to visit Myanmar

October to February is the best time to visit Myanmar, it is cool and dry in this period, it is also the peak season in Myanmar.

Meanwhile, hot balloons are only available from October to February. Many hot balloon pilots will spend their long holiday after then, most of them are Europeans.

From February to May, it becomes drier and hotter, the average temperature is 30-35 centi degrees.

Rainy season starts in June and finishes in the middle of October.

How to get to Myanmar?

There are only two international airports in Myanmar, one in Mandalay and another in Yangon.

So you can fly into Myanmar in Yangon and fly out through Mandalay, vice verse.

There are many international flights connects Myanmar with world, but more in Asia. The most popular flights are from Bangkok and Chiang Mai (Thailand), Kunming (China), Singapore, Tokyo (Japan).

Other flights from Seoul (South Korea), Doha (Qatar), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Kolkata (India), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam).

Is it safe to travel Myanmar?

It is completely safe to travel Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon.

Other tourists places are safe to go as well, including Mandalay. Burmese are very friendly actually. While you take photos of them, they always smile.

However, the politics events happened in early of 2021 changed the previous situation, it may not open for tourists in the coming years.

I was lucky to see the beautiful and friendly Myanmar which was in peach.

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