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Japan, a country full of exquisite and delicate beauty, has always been a popular destination for travel enthusiasts from all over the world. The sky full of cherry blossoms and snow, exquisite cuisine, the changing scenery of the four seasons and the strong Eastern style, classic and fashion, history and modernity intersect in this country, presenting a fascinating scene.


When traveling to Japan, one of the most important things is to try the most authentic Japanese food! Delicious salmon, fragrant ramen noodles, tender Kobe Wagyu beef... There are so many delicacies in Japan, and Tokyo is known as the "Gourmet City".

Top 8 Japanese foods are: Sushi, Tempura, Sashimi, Noodles, Sukiyaki, Unagi rice, Pufferfish and Sea crab.


One of the great joys of exploring Japan are the photo opportunities the country affords. From the lights of Tokyo to the gardens of Kyoto there's much to capture.

There are a few main things are worth to bring your best cameras and lenses.

Mount Fuji
Mountain Fuji reflecting in Lake Kawaguchi is one of the 36 Views of Mount Fuji that still looks great in modern photographs.

Ancient Architectures
There are many ancient buildings are preserved, especially the architectures in Kyoto and Kanazawa.

Snow Monkeys
In the cold winter, the snow monkeys living near Nagano Prefecture in Japan spend a lot of time in hot springs to warm up. The snow monkeys are enjoying the hot springs in various poses, funny and cute appearances, attracting many photographers, photography enthusiasts and tourists to come every year.

Best Places to Visit in Japan

  • 1 Kyoto Once the imperial capital with traditional architectures
  • 2 Tokyo The capital and busiest city
  • 3 Takayama Small town with traditional settings
  • 4 Hakone Hot springs and health resorts in Japan
  • 5 Kanazawa Well-known for Kenroku-en Garden
  • 6 Nikko A temple town and UNESCO world heritage site
  • 7 Koya-San The center of Shingon Buddhism
  • 8 Tsumago A traffic-less mountain village
  • 9 Nara Was the first permanent capital of Japan
  • 10 Hiroshima A re-built city after World War II

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Useful Japan Travel Tips

Best time to visit Japan

Japan is worth visiting all year round. Most parts of Japan have distinct seasons, each season has its own style. The spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the autumn when the red leaves are soaked in are the most popular tourist seasons.

From March to March: The cherry blossoms gradually bloom from south to north. Cherry blossom viewing is not only a major event for the entire Japanese, but also a popular experience for overseas travelers.

June-August: Japan is very hot in summer. Going to Hokkaido to see lavender flowers or diving in Okinawa are both very good choices.

September-November: The maple leaves that gradually turn red from north to south, then tourists and photographers are coming for the fall scenery.

December-February: Going to the north country to ski and soak in hot springs, or go to Okinawa to watch whales, or shopping in the big sale season of Christmas.

The costs to travel Japan

Japan’s official currency is the Japanese Yen, 1 USD = 110 JPY.

Japan's consumption level is generally high. In terms of cities and regions, Tokyo and Kyoto have the highest costs to travel; Osaka is slightly lower; Hokkaido and Okinawa are cheaper.

Here are some sample costs of per person.

  Tokyo Osaka Hokkaido Okinawa
Meals USD 10-20 USD 10-20 USD 8-15 USD 8-12
Transportation Rail transit starts from USD 2 per way Rail transit starts from USD 2.5 per way Rail transit starts from USD 2.5 per way Rail transit starts from USD 2.5 per way
Accommodation USD 70-150 USD 70-120 USD 60-200 USD 80-200