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The complex terrain gives Kenya a colorful landscape and a rich variety of species. From tropical oceans and deserts to snow-capped mountains all the year round, Kenya presents itself to travelers in a variety of different ways.

Although Kenya is located at the equator, the average altitude of 1,500 meters makes it a pleasant climate and has become a summer resort. Kenya, because of its pristine African grassland scenery and rich and diverse wildlife, attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year for ecological sightseeing.

Abundant Wildlife

Kenya has a lot of wild animals. The rarest is the flamingo with pink feathers. Rare animals include antelope, Kenyan mole, lizard and so on.

Wild animals include monkeys, giraffes, buffaloes, elephants, baboons, antelopes, wild boars, cats, coyotes, lions, hippos, wildebeests, rhinos, leopards, etc.

Best Places to Visit in Kenya

  • 1 Masai Mara National Reserve Top destination to watch wildebeest and zebra migrate
  • 2 Amboseli National Park The best place in Africa to get close to free-ranging elephants
  • 3 Lake Nakuru Best place to see flamingos
  • 4 Tsavo National Park The largest national park in Keny
  • 5 Lamu Island A unspoiled and untouched island in Kenya
  • 6 Hell's Gate National Park A tiny park is allowed to walk or cycle without a guide
  • 7 Samburu National Reserve Contains large numbers of Nile crocodile
  • 8 Mount Kenya The highest mountain in Kenya for treking
  • 9 Malindi A coastal tourist attraction for surfing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing
  • 10 Nairobi National Park Migrating wildebeest and zebra gather during the dry season

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Useful Kenya Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit Kenya

The peak tourist season in Kenya is from July to August and December to March of the following year.

November to March of the following year is the time for migratory birds to migrate; from January to February due to the hot and dry weather, animals will gather more, which is a good time for safari.

July to August is the best time to watch the animal migration. The magnificent nature of the world will happen in the Masai Mara.

Kenya has two rainy seasons, which is not suitable for visiting. The long rainy season is from the end of March to mid-June, and the short rainy season is from the end of October to early December.

Dressing Guide

Although Kenya is an equatorial country, its altitude is relatively high and the temperature is relatively comfortable throughout the year. There is a big temperature difference between morning and night, in addition to carrying summer clothes, long-sleeved jackets and trousers are also essential items. If you want to go to higher places, you also need to bring a thick coat.