Welcome to Costa Rica

It has 500,000 species on an area of only 51,100 square kilometers, ranking among the top 20 in the world. Whether it's sunny beaches, volcanic rainforests, dolphins, sea turtles, or sloth howler monkeys, it has everything you can think of. With such abundant natural resources, Costa Rica’s tourism industry has been very developed.

The Wildlife

Costa Rica is a magical place. There are a lot of wild animals living in the mountains and the sea. The abundant wild species make it a paradise for nature lovers.

In Costa Rica, there are 238 species of mammals, 2,400 species of butterflies, 857 species of birds, as well as 66,800 species of insects, 182 species of amphibians, and 225 species of reptiles. Traveling here is like breaking into a world of elves that has never been seen before.

The national bird of Costa Rica is a toucan with a long and brightly colored beak. Contrary to the toucan, it is the small and exquisite hummingbird. As one of Costa Rica's most distinctive birds, their feathers are elegant and gorgeous, and their movements are quick and agile.

Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica

  • 1 Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve One of the most coveted tourist destinations
  • 2 Arenal Volcano The most popular active volcano
  • 3 Manuel Antonio National Park Smallest national park for swimming, surfing, diving
  • 4 Playa Jaco The best from gorgeous beaches to wildlife
  • 5 Tortuguero National Park The sea turtles nest and hatch on the beach
  • 6 Corcovado National Park A place for excellent wildlife opportunities
  • 7 Rincon de la Vieja Popular as a large steaming volcano
  • 8 Chirripo National Park A diversity of habitats and wildlife species
  • 9 San Jose Costa Rica’s capital and largest city
  • 10 Tamarindo A popular destination for family vacations and eco-adventures

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Useful Costa Rica Travel Tips

Top 3 Things to Know Before Costa Rica

  1. Check your package
    About 50% of the country is covered by rainforest. This means you need to deal with two things, the sun and bugs. Therefore, make sure you have enough sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and comfortable shoes to avoid the effects of sunlight and insects. In addition to these obvious items, you must also bring appropriate swimwear, beach clothes, hiking and adventure gear.
  2. Book your holiday as early as possible
    In the peak season, it is difficult to get the ticket and accommodation. Book flights and resorts at least 6 months in advance. Book early, you can have more choices of the best hotel rooms and air tickets.
  3. Book your table
    Even if you are a guest at a resort in Costa Rica, it is best to reserve your table when you check in. If you want to eat at a local restaurant, ask the hotel staff to help you book a table in advance.