Welcome to Cuba

The unique geographical location has created a variety of beautiful scenery. In addition to the colonial-style urban architecture, the luxuriant ecological and natural scenery also makes this beautiful country on the Caribbean Sea even more charming.

Cubans are happy by nature, and the atmosphere of singing and dancing is also infecting tourists who are constantly under cultural shock.

The History

In the 16th century, Cuba was conquered by the Spanish and began a three-century colonization. In the mid-19th century, the Cubans began to resist and fight for independence. Here the United States intervened in the war (known as the Spanish-American War in history). Despite the intervention of the United States, Cuba was recognized for independence in 1902, and Spain withdrew from Cuban land. But then the United States still carried out the American military occupation of Cuba for nearly 60 years.

Cuban Revolution
In 1953, the revolutionary army led by Fidel Castro fired the first shot of the revolution. Then the revolutionaries launched many movements, and Che Guevara was one of them. On the first day of 1959, the rebel army finally won and entered Havana, and the Republic of Cuba was established.

Cuba after the Republic
After the founding of the Republic, the Castro government began land reform and nationalized farms, ranches, and mines. At that time, the United States controlled 40% of the sugarcane fields, almost all cattle farms, and 80% of public utilities in Cuba. The act of nationalization eventually led to the severance of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba in 1961 and the beginning of decades of economic sanctions and financial blockade against Cuba.

Today, in socialist Cuba, the living standards of the people are still low. In addition to the rations that ordinary people get, most of them use their income to buy food.

Best Places to Visit in Cuba

  • 1 Havana The capital of Cuba and the major transport hub
  • 2 Trinidad A great place to visit for history and architecture
  • 3 Vinales Was Castro’s favorite place on the island
  • 4 Varadero A popular beach resort town
  • 5 Santiago de Cuba A coastal city known for its colonial history
  • 6 Cienfuegos Known as the Pearl of the South
  • 7 Cayo Largo del Sur A small island off the mainland of Cuba
  • 8 Baracoa Known as the First City of Cuba
  • 9 Maria la Gorda One of the top diving destinations in the Caribbean
  • 10 Jardines del Rey A chain of islands for beach holiday

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Useful Cuba Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit Cuba

The peak tourist season in Cuba is between December and April of the following year. If it catches up with Christmas and Easter, it will be the peak season.

Cuba has a dry season and a rainy season (May to October). At other times, the climate is relatively hot and the sunshine is strong.

Is it safe to travel Cuba?

In fact, Cuba is very safe!

Cuba is safer than most countries, and there are few incidents of violence or attacks. Even if a girl goes alone, she can rest assured.