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Who can join?

Professional tour guides/specialists in non-tourists fields, such as photography guides, rare wildlife zoologists, birding men, botanists, history-tellers, museum docents even archaeologists, etc.

The guides provide private or group tour guiding services in a stable period.

Read more listing guidelines.

How it works?

For tour guides, we listed all guides information by categories and tags, travelers will find out the right guides by themselves. You will be contacted by travelers directly without a middle man. However, travelers can leave comments in each guide's page, any negative feedbacks or complaints about guides may affect your ranking even will be removed from our listing.

Application process

By completing the "Apply Now" form, We Are Guides will review your application and you will get a response within 3 working days. We may not response those are not relevant applications.

Once you receive our confirmation that your page will be created accordingly.

You can update your information on your page, all updates will be published online after approval.


  • Tour guides information listed on We Are Guides are free, we don't charge commisions or service fees.
  • We are resolving the travelers' pain point, target to push the right service and guides to the right travelers.
  • Your information will be exposed to a few social media platforms as well, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google of course.

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