Welcome to Hungary

Hungary is a European landlocked country, located in the Danube alluvial plain, surrounded by mountains and waters, with the Alps in the west, the Carpathians in the northeast, and Budapest as its capital.

The famous Danube River flows into Hungary from southern Slovakia, dividing Hungary into east and west. Hungary has beautiful mountains and rivers and magnificent buildings. The main tourist spots are Budapest, Lake Balaton, Danube Bay, Matlau Mountain, etc. In addition, Hungarian dance music is also quite famous and is loved by people all over the world.

In Hot Water

If you are planning to visit Hungary, but did not plan to take a hot spring, it will be a pity.

Hungary is known as a country floating on the "hot spring sea". It has the largest natural medical hot spring lake, Hévíz and the largest combined hot spring bath in Europe, Szechenyi Hot Springs. And the largest natural hot spring cave found in the world so far.

Hungary’s thermal spring culture has a history of more than 2,000 years. When Turkey occupied Hungary in the 16th century, the thermal baths built by the Turks are still in use today. Hot spring is a kind of local leisure and entertainment life, and it has also formed a certain hot spring culture. In addition to having fun in the hot springs, the people who bathe in the hot springs play chess, chat, and even take a nap in the hot springs happily.

Best Places to Visit in Hungary

  • 1 Budapest Hungary’s capital and largest city
  • 2 Lake Balaton The most popular summer resort and Europe’s largest freshwater lake
  • 3 Eger Famous for its magnificent baroque buildings
  • 4 Sopron The nickname of 'Most Loyal Town'
  • 5 Pecs One of UNESCO’s Cities of Peace
Cityscape, Budapest
Hungarian Parliament Building
Chain Bridge, Budapest
St. Stephen's Catherdral
  • 6 Aggtelek National Park Home to the largest stalactic cave in Europe
  • 7 Heviz Home to one of the largest thermal lakes in the world
  • 8 Debrecen Considered the intellectual center of the country
  • 9 Hortobagy National Park The country’s largest protected area and grassland
  • 10 Gyor The old town with statues and marvelous old buildings

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Useful Hungary Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit Hungary

The best time to visit Hungary is July and August. Hungary is the warmest during this time period, with the temperature reaching 28 degrees Celsius, and the coldest in December and January.

The weather is humid and windless, and the climate is pleasant. There is plenty of rainfall in spring and summer, and the average temperature is 21℃. Therefore, June to August is the golden season for tourism of the year.