Erez Marom

Erez Marom - Landscape Photography Guide

A worldwide landscape photographer and workshop leader

Erez Marom is from Israel and he has a a great eye for photography.

His photos from Namibia – a fairly well photographed location – are very unique and beautifully composed. We highly recommend checking his work out for a bit of inspiring eye-candy.

  • Service area: Holon (based)
  • Service language: English
  • Specialized in: Landscape photography


  • Gold Star award, Seascape photography (Professional division), 2018 ND Awards
  • 1st Place, Nature Seascapes (Pro), 2 Honorable Mentions, 2017 International Photographer of the Year
  • Bronze Star award, 4 Honorable Mentions, Landscapes (Professional division), 2017 ND Awards
  • PSA Silver medal, 2016 Arctic Awards
  • Silver Award, 2016 Epson International Pano Awards
  • RPS Gold Medal, 2015 Arctic Awards
  • Gold Star award, Aerial photography (Professional division), 2015 ND Awards
  • Bronze Star award, Landscapes (Professional division), 2015 ND Awards
  • Honorary Mention, Natural Landscape, 2014 Memorial Maria Luisa International Photo Contest
  • PSA Nature Ice and Icebergs Bronze Medal, 2014 Arctic Awards
  • UPI Honorable Mention, 2013 Arctic Awards
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Erez Marom's Portfolio

All photos © Erez Marom

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