Welcome to Poland

Poland is a Central European country. Football is the most popular group sport in Poland, attracting football fans from all over the world to come to watch it.

Poland is also one of the top ten tourist countries in the world. Warsaw, with the rich of history, Krakow, the ancient capital, and the charming town of Auschwitz are full of different Eastern European customs. 13 places including Wieliczka Salt Mine, Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Bialowieza Forest and Zamosc Ancient City were declared by the United Nations as "World Cultural Heritage" worthy of collection and protection.

Shocked by Polish Cuisine

Freshly picked beetroot and buckwheat, apples, onions and mushrooms from the forest-the beauty of Polish cooking usually lies in novel combinations, side dishes and seasonings, and a meat-based staple. Filling soups such as zurec and barszcz often appear on the menu, as are dumplings, filled with ordinary cheese or duck meat, boiled or deep-fried. If the hearty beef and goose dishes featuring sauerkraut and cucumbers do not satisfy your taste, we will still provide many international choices, and there are also bloody special diet cafes in the city center for you to choose from. The variety of fresh and delicious salads is perhaps the most impressive, but be sure to try the appetizer sandwiches and the famous street food "zapiekanki" before you leave this land.

Best Places to Visit in Poland

  • 1 Krakow Known for its cultural, artistic, academic and economic activities
  • 2 Warsaw The capital of Poland
  • 3 Gdansk Home to the world's largest brick church - St. Mary Church
  • 4 Wroclaw The largest city in western Poland with amazing architectures
  • 5 Poznan Long known as an academic center
Sunset Over Old City, Warsaw
Street Performance, Krakow
Basilica of Santa Maria
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  • 6 Tatra National Park The most visited national park in Poland
  • 7 Torun Known for its old market place and Gothic town hall
  • 8 Bialowieza Forest A large remnant of the primeval forests
  • 9 Lublin An ancient city with a market place
  • 10 Malbork The medieval town and well-known for its castle

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Useful Poland Travel Tips

The Best Time to Visit Poland

The best month to travel in Poland is from June to October.

Winter is cold, cloudy and rainy, and summer is wet and thunderstorms. The seasons are distinct.

January and February are the coldest time, and there may be blizzards. It starts to get warmer from March to May, but it is prone to change to summer or winter in one second, so check the weather forecast before you travel.

June to October is the best season in Poland, and July is hotter. You can go skiing in Zakopana from November to December, which is much cheaper than other European countries.