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Hundreds of years ago, Portuguese ancestors set sail in the Age of Adventure, making Portugal a famous maritime power. Today, Portugal is comfortable and pleasant, with excellent seaports, beautiful modern city Lisbon, the ancient European city of Porto, and the 500-year-old castle, Belém Tower, coupled with the fragrance of wine everywhere, the enthusiastic local people, the perfect blend of ancient and modern.

Geology Overview

Portugal’s west and south are bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, and the north and east are bordered by Spain.

Cape Roca, west of the capital Lisbon, is Europe the westernmost point of the mainland. In addition to the mainland of Europe, the Azov and Madeira Islands in the Atlantic are also the leaders of Portugal.

Best Places to Visit in Portugal

  • 1 Lisbon Portugal's capital and largest city
  • 2 Algarve A popular beach destination
  • 3 Sintra Famous for Pena’s Palace
  • 4 Madeira Nicknamed as "Floating Garden of the Atlantic"
  • 5 Porto World famous for its production of fine port wine
Belem Tower, Lisbon
Porsinho Dam
Regaleira Manor
Libeira Marina
  • 6 Obidos A hilltop city encircled by an old fortified wall
  • 7 Evora Regarded for its well-preserved Old Town
  • 8 Aveiro Called 'the Venice of Portgual'
  • 9 Azores An archipelago good for dolphin and whale watching
  • 10 Coimbra Home to a treasure trove of historic sites and beautiful gardenss

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Useful Portugal Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit Portugal

The best tourist seasons are summer, autumn and winter.

June to September is a more suitable time to travel, it is the peak tourist season. At this time, not only the weather is suitable, but also many Portuguese festivals are held. When you come for sightseeing at this time, you will definitely feel the most authentic Portuguese style.

Many travelers also choose to go there in winter, where they can not only enjoy the warm Mediterranean beach scenery, but also enjoy the fun of skiing in the high mountains. The Atlantic climate in the northern region is warm in winter, cool in summer, and rich in precipitation.