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As one of the countries with the most cultural heritage in the world, each region of Spain has a unique history, culture and natural scenery.

Enthusiastic flamenco, brave and fearless bullfighter, Spain under the dazzling sun.

An Epic Land

The beautiful mountainous and idyllic scenery of Galicia, Cantabria and Vasco in the north is called "Green Spain"; in the east and south Andalucia, Murcia, Valencia and Catalonia are world-famous for beach activities; Aragon, León and La Mancha are full of splendid history and art treasures; in addition, there are ancient towns and beautiful villages scattered in every corner of the country.

Best Places to Visit in Spain

  • 1 Granada Offers spectacular attractions, traditional cultures and an animated nightlife
  • 2 Barcelona One of the country’s top travel destinations
  • 3 Mallorca The largest of Spain’s Balearic Islandsa
  • 4 Madrid The capital and largest city
  • 5 Seville Home to many beautiful and important historic landmarks
  • 6 Valencia Famous for its Fallas Festival and the City of Arts
  • 7 San Sebastian A seaside city for its excellent beaches
  • 8 Cordoba One of the oldest towns in Europe
  • 9 Toledo A popular destination for its wealth of historic art and architecture
  • 10 Santiago de Compostela The final destination of the traditional pilgrimage

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Useful Spain Travel Tips

Best time to visit Spain

The capital, Madrid and the surrounding areas are hot and dry in summer and cold in winter, with large temperature differences between day and night and the four seasons. Spring and autumn are the best time to visit, especially in autumn, which is warm and comfortable with long days, making it the most suitable for sightseeing.

Barcelona is located in the northern coastal area of Spain. The winter is warmer than the inland areas. The summer is sunny, and the beautiful sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding islands are popular with tourists. Therefore, Barcelona is suitable for traveling throughout the year.

In the southern Andalucia region, the summer weather is unusually hot; the spring and autumn weather is more pleasant for traveling. It snows in high mountains, so you can also enjoy skiing here in winter!