Welcome to Sweden

This is a land where spring and autumn are short, winter and summer are distinct. In summer, you can see the midnight sun and the magical and charming northern lights. Winter is a snowy scene, a paradise for skating and skiing. The dense woods in the north are as deep as the ocean, and the midnight sun and the wonderful northern lights are fascinating. The lush flowers in the south are as dazzling as pictures, and the green grasslands and endless lakes and mountains are refreshing. In the summer, driving in the quiet and peaceful rural countryside, the typical natural scenery of Northland will surely make you linger.

Quick Reading of Sweden

Looking for Aurora
When the polar night falls in northern Sweden, in the white fields of Kiruna or the shore of Lake Torne in Abisko, countless travelers keeping their eyes open, waiting for the green light to come, hoping to see the beautiful and unforgettable picture.

Outdoor Paradise
Traveling smoothly in nature has been engraved in the Swedish spiritual code, where man and nature coexist without involvement, and everything continues to flourish. People are keen on mountaineering, hiking, skiing, sailing... The majestic nature and "outdoor access rights" make Sweden a mecca for outdoor sports.

Magic Metro
Sweden has a highly developed social economy. The capital Stockholm is the largest city in Northern Europe. The islands are laid out by the sea and the scenery is pleasant. The classical buildings in the city blend with modern temperament. In particular, Stockholm's subway is known for its unique installations and styles at each station. It is the most beautiful subway station in the world.

Design Power
Sweden has a strong atmosphere of social design and innovation. In addition to super brands such as IKEA and H&M around the world, there are many other high-quality Swedish designs. Walking on the streets, from libraries, restaurants, coffee shops, to every small window, there is a simple beauty and ingenuity.

Best Places to Visit in Sweden

  • 1 Stockholm Sweden’s capital and the largest city in Scandinavia
  • 2 Gotland Sweden’s largest island
  • 3 Gothenburg A green city dotted with numerous parks
  • 4 Swedish Lapland A very north place for canoers, hikers and viewers of wildlife
  • 5 Uppsala Known for idols of Norse gods
Swedish Lapland Sunset
Cityscapes, Stockholm
History Museum, Stockholm
Street Flower Market, Stockholm
  • 6 Stockholm archipelago Composed of 30,000 islands
  • 7 Ystad A mystery coastal town in southern Sweden
  • 8 Malmo The third largest city with mixture of old and new
  • 9 Marstrand Known for sailing and an old fortress
  • 10 Kosterhavet National Park The best place to observe marine line

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Useful Sweden Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit Sweden

The best time to travel is from June to September, and from December to March.

June to September: Sweden has a temperate maritime climate, which is relatively humid throughout the year. There is basically no high temperature in summer, and the whole country has long days and short nights. Even at the southernmost point of Sweden, the sunset will be midnight. The vegetation everywhere is the most beautiful season here. It is suitable for walking in towns and various outdoor activities.

December to March: Winter is the best place to see the aurora in Sweden and engage in snow outdoor activities. The temperature near the Arctic Circle can reach minus 30-40 degrees, but the indoor heating system in general tourist areas is very complete. In contrast, there is no extreme cold in the southern part in winter. The lowest temperature, including Stockholm, is generally around minus 10 degrees, but it is rainy and snowy.

When you come to Sweden in winter, you can fully experience the feeling of night covering the earth. The southernmost Malmö is sunset at 3-4 pm, while Kiruna in the Arctic Circle only has a short dim daylight at noon.

Suggested Travel Days

4-7 days.

You can visit the most iconic sights in Stockholm and Northern Kiruna in 4 days, and have fun in 7 days. If you want to visit other cities in the south, it is recommended to arrange another 3-4 days itinerary in combination with Denmark.