Welcome to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not only a paradise for shopaholics and gourmets, but also a world for petty bourgeoisies and backpackers. This small land consisting of Hong Kong, Kowloon, the New Territories and more than 260 other islands has a population of 7.5 million (2018). It is no more appropriate to describe Hong Kong as "an inch of land". Compared with other cities, Hong Kong’s greatest feature and benefit is its convenience.


Bringing together top-notch, authentic cuisine and Michelin restaurants from all over the world, Hong Kong is a veritable gourmet capital. From street food stalls to the world's top restaurants, Hong Kong has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from.

Many restaurants in Hong Kong are influenced by Eastern and Western culture. Food lovers can indulge in authentic food from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Europe and the United States. Hong Kong’s snacks are also famous all over the world, and the delicacies made by street vendors are equally lingering.


Hong Kong has always been called a "shopping paradise". Shopping in Hong Kong is world-renowned in terms of variety, prices and services. Hong Kong stores sell products with different characteristics from all over the world, from top international brands to small local specialties. Because the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government adopts a low tax policy, most of the goods sold in Hong Kong are tax-free, so shopping in Hong Kong, the price of the goods is correspondingly lower, generally lower than other countries and regions, therefore attracting Chinese and foreign tourists to go shopping in Hong Kong .

In addition, Hong Kong's retail stores have several seasonal price reduction promotions every year to provide customers with additional discounts. Most of the service personals in Hong Kong have received professional and high-quality customer service training, with a diligent and friendly attitude and customer-oriented service. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy a satisfying shopping experience when you come to Hong Kong.

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Highlights in Hong Kong


Victoria Peak Overlooking

If there is only one place to go to Hong Kong and only one photo can be photographed, Victoria Peak is the best choice. Overlooking from the top of Victoria Peak, the highest point in Hong Kong, the development of urbanization has brought an excellent sense of beauty to Hong Kong. After all lights on at night, the exquisite night view of Victoria Harbour is definitely the most beautiful scenery in Hong Kong.

Good for: Photography, Sightseeing

Ride the Dingding Tram

Hong Kong people call trams as "ding-ding", and spending 2 or 3 Hong Kong dollars to ride on a century-old old tram. The tram travels very slowly, so you can take a closer look at the streetscape and pedestrians. Leave everything to the tram driver, get ready to get on the bus, and let Dingding drive you to see the most local landscape and experience the most distinctive humanistic customs.


Central of Hong Kong

Central is the political and commercial center of Hong Kong. Many banks, multinational financial institutions and foreign consulates are located in Central. Various skyscrapers and large shopping malls are scattered all over Central, with brilliant lights and neon colors. Popular shopping malls such as The Landmark, Jiaxuan Plaza, Prince Building, Alexandra Building and International Finance Center shopping malls gather many world famous brands.



It is the first Disneyland in China and the second in Asia. It is also the most popular destination for family trips, couples, and friends in Hong Kong. There are direct light rails from the airport and the downtown, and staying in a Disney-themed hotel is also a good experience.


Hong Kong Ocean Park

A world-class theme park that integrates sea and land animal exhibitions, motor games and large-scale performances, won the World's Best Theme Park Award in 2012. Covering two parks: Peak Park and Seaside Park, providing various attractions entertainment and special project experience. Hong Kong Ocean Park is one of the MTR stations. No matter which station you get on the MTR, you can go to Hong Kong Ocean Park.


Practical Hong Kong Travel Tips

The Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

October to May is the best time to travel to Hong Kong.

October to November: At this time, the average temperature in Hong Kong is more than 20 degrees, warm and comfortable, suitable for going to Disneyland, or for outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing. The domestic holiday in October brings Hong Kong into a small tourist season, and the cost of accommodation and air tickets will rise accordingly.

December to February of the following year: The atmosphere of Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year covers the whole city. The New Year's Eve fireworks in Victoria Harbour and the Chinese New Year float parade are all festive experiences. Christmas and the eve of the Chinese New Year are good time for shopping because many malls offering great discounts.

June to September: Summer in Hong Kong is hot and rainy, with temperatures often exceeding 30 centi degrees, accompanied by heavy rain and thunderstorms. September is the month with the most typhoons in Hong Kong. If you plan to travel, you must pay close attention to the weather forecast.