Welcome to Norway

It has beautiful fjord scenery, scenic self-driving roads, thousands of islands and Viking culture that has a profound impact on Europe. Norway is reputed as one of the most beautiful countries on this planet.

Fjord scenery

Norway is famous for its fjord scenery. The fjord is a trough formed by the interaction of glaciers and the ocean. Here, beautiful villages are dotted on both sides of steep and winding valleys. The majestic mountains and the mysterious blue water outline the Epic stunning scenery.

Road trip

Norway has 18 national landscape highways. Visit the fjords along the tortuous coastline, and then drive through the peaks and lakes to the majestic ice fields. A road trip can take you across the country. The tranquility, majesty and vitality of nature can be seen here.

Polar islands

Thousands of islands have been born under Norway’s long coastline and special ice formations. Compared with tropical island beaches, it is less traveled here, but it is rocky and rising from the ground, making it uniquely magnificent.

In summer, you can go hunting and whale watching.

In winter, the gorgeous aurora covers the sea and land, which can be described as the top experience in travel.

Viking culture

The era of Viking pirates deduce a fascinating legend in Nordic history, which once had a profound impact on Europe. The spirit of European Nordic gods and sailing warriors has also become the source of inspiration for countless contemporary film and television literary works.

Today, Norway still has Viking monuments and legends. Many sites, routes and museums can make people appreciate the Viking culture in history.

Best Places to Visit in Norway

  • 1 Geirangerfjord One of the most famous fjords for photography
  • 2 Lofoten Islands The most beautiful places in north Europe
  • 3 Bergen The second largest cities in Norway
  • 4 Jotunheimen National Park The most awe-inspiring scenery and landscapes in the country
  • 5 Svalbard Best place to see polar bears
  • 6 Stavanger The fourth-largest city in Norway
  • 7 Sognefjord Nicknamed the ‘King of the Fjords’
  • 8 Oslo The capital of Norway
  • 9 Trondheim Best place to explore Norway’s history
  • 10 Alesund The gateway to the northwestern fjords and surrounding alpine mountains

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Useful Norway Travel Tips

Travel costs in Norway

Norway is one of the countries with the highest consumption level in the world. Even among the Nordic countries, Norway has the highest consumption level.

Attractions: The cost of attractions is not the main cost of travel in Norway, and most attractions in Norway do not require tickets. The famous scenic spots related to the fjord are without exception, and are open to visitors for free.

Meals: Norwegian food and beverage prices are very high. The price of a simple meal in an ordinary restaurant is about 100-200 krona, the price of a McDonald's set meal is about 100 krona, and the price of a 600ml bottle of Coke in the supermarket is about 25 krona.

Transportation: The cost of transportation is one of the main expenses for traveling in Norway, whether it is city transportation or intercity transportation, the price is very high. Taking Oslo as an example, the price of a one-way bus ticket in advance is 33 CZK, and the price of a ticket on the bus is 55 CZK. The price of a train ticket from Oslo to Bergen is 950 kronor.

Accommodations: The price of a bed in a hostel in Norway is about 300 kronor/day; the peak season for three-star hotels is about 1500-2000 kronor/day, and the off-season is 800-1200 kronor/day (April-September is the peak tourist season).