Harry Martin

Harry Martin - Wildlife & Landscape Photography Guide

Landscape & Zoologist in Scotland

I'm a wildlife & landscape photographer currently based on the stunning Isle of Skye in Scotland. As self-taught photographer I first picked up a camera in 2005 and built up a solid foundation using film before moving over to digital. Coupled with a long-standing passion for the natural world it was always obvious I would end up working in the great outdoors.

An experienced guide, I have worked for several years in the Scottish Highlands, including at the world-renowned Aigas Field Centre, as well as in the incredible Canadian Rockies. A degree in Zoology means I can wax lyrical about whatever you happen to be looking at, whether that be an eagle soaring past, or the intricate ecological workings of a natural woodland. My priority is making sure other people get to enjoy wildlife and nature just as much as I do.

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