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There is a long and complicated history, rich royal culture, pleasant pastoral scenery and authentic castles, rock music, football holdings, and fashion brands, all these create a strong British style.

Living History

Everyone knows that England is rich in culture and history. You may have heard about the Royal Theatre, the National Gallery of Art, etc. Actually, every British city is a cultural center. Every major city has important and internationally renowned theatres, museums, and art galleries, such as the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, the Museum in Belfast, and the Cardiff International Amphitheatre.

Best Places to Visit in The UK

  • 1 London The capital wth fasciating history
  • 2 Scottish Highlands Home to Dunrobin Castle and Eilean Donan Castle
  • 3 Stonehenge The most famous site in the UK
  • 4 Edinburgh Known for the Edinburgh Castle
  • 5 York A walled city with a rich heritage
  • 6 Cornwall Good place for beach holiday
  • 7 Chester An ancient city with rich history, culture and architecture
  • 8 Snowdonia The most beautiful national park
  • 9 Lake District The second largest National Park in the UK
  • 10 Cambridge The home to the University of Cambridge

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Useful The UK Travel Tips

Best time to visit England

Generally speaking, the summer (June-September) with plenty of sunshine is the best time of the year to travel.

Various music festivals and art festivals are held in this time. At the same time, it is also a public holiday. Popular tourist cities have relatively large flow of people and higher hotel prices.

Winter (November-February) is cold and the sunshine hours are short. It is the off-season for tourism of the year. Many scenic spots will be closed or closed early, and local tour groups in scenic spots such as the Scottish Highlands and the Lake District will also stop.

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