Beachy Head - The End of The World

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Beachy Head - The End of The World

There is a white cliff on the south coast of England, which stretches from The White Cliffs of Dover to the Seven Sisters Cliffs and beyond, called Beachy Head.

The name Beachy head comes from the French "Beauchef" and "Beaucheif", which means beautiful cape.

It is nearly 118 kilometers away from the White Cliffs of Dover on the east side, and less than 10 kilometers away from the Seven Sisters White Cliffs on the west side.

The White Cliffs of Dover / Eni
Seven Sisters Cliffs

With a height of 162 meters, beachy head is the highest coastal cliff in the UK and is a famous tourist attraction.

This white cliff formed about 1 million years ago was actually deposited by tiny microorganisms at a rate of 0.015 millimeters per year. Its structure is a loose powdery limestone, geologically called a chalk layer.

In fact, chalk deposits can be seen in many places in northwestern Europe, such as the White Cliffs of Dover, the coast of Normandy in France, northern Germany, and the coast of Denmark.

Among them, The White Cliffs of Dover is the most famous, but the scenery is not as good as Beachy Head.

As long as seamen see White Cliffs, they will understand that the ship is about to arrive in Britain; therefore, "White Cliffs" is also one of the symbols of Britain.

However, while being beautiful and magnificent, Beachy Head is also known for "suicide" and is the fourth most suicidal sanctuary after Mount Fuji, Golden Gate Bridge and Niagara Falls.

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How to travel?

There are cold and hot drinks and simple food under the tower on the cliff, but there is no bathroom.

If you come by coach, you can also rent a bicycle at the Seven Sisters National Park Management Center to visit the White Cliffs coast.

There are two excellent hiking routes: on the cliff and under the cliff (at low tide) by the sea.

It takes about 10 minutes to walk from Beachy Head station to the small red and white lighthouse. It is a great photo spot on sunny days.

Continue to walk for about 20 minutes to reach the commanding heights of this sea. There is a gray lighthouse as a sign.

The sea view is also very magnificent. If weather is good, you can have a picnic here. However, because it is the seaside and on the high sea, the sea breeze is very strong.

There are very few safety fences here, or the fences are extremely short, so don't get too close to the edge, pay attention to safety.

Although climbing the mountain is not easy, the scenery after climbing to the top is enough to release all the hardship. You can stand on the edge of the cliff overlooking the majestic sea, admire the winding coastline, and the iconic red and white striped lighthouse.

How to get?

One day to and from London is enough, the cheapest train ticket can be only 10 pounds.

It takes 10 minutes drive from Eastbourne city center. Or you can take bus or tourist bus from Eastbourne Pier.

Long-distance buses run between Brighton and Eastbourne, and the terminal is the Seven Sisters National Park.

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