13 best landscape photographers in Europe

Max RiveDaniel KordanNuri ÇORBACIOĞLU

We hand-picked 13 best landscape photographers who are from Iceland, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, UK, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Finland and Russia.

All of them are award-winning photographers and still leading photography workshops, you could learn from their great works or join their workshops to learn face to face.

#1 Max Rive (Netherlands)

Coming from the Netherlands, Max Rive is a world top-class landscape photographer.

His photographs show perfect light usage and will amaze you with their beauty. You can also find a single human figure in his landscape photos as Max loves to show the scale of things to make the scenes even more visually impressive. Rive has a prestigious IPA award in his collection, which serves as proof that he belongs to any list of landscape photographers.

His profile: https://www.weareguides.com/netherlands/max-rive

#2 Rayann Elzein (Findland)

A French nature photographer and aurora chaser. I am based in Utsjoki and Inari in Finnish Lapland, and travel worldwide for assignments or to lead workshops.

He has seen the Aurora countless nights, how he shares this natural beauty by leading Aurora chasing tours in Inari, Lapland, as well as photography workshops in the northernmost parts of Lapland.

His profile: https://www.weareguides.com/finland/rayann-elzein

#3 Daniel Kordan (Italy)

Daniel is a Russian-born photographer who began his career taking amazing landscape photos of a lake in the Moscow region. Kordan's pictures convey the beauty of nature like no others while featuring an abundance of mesmerizing golden lights. Daniel is also known for his capability to immerse his followers with creative Instagram captions.

Cordran won numerous photography prizes and his works were published in Digital SLR and Discovery among many other magazines. You can find his works in ad campaigns produced by Apple, Gazprom, and RedBull. He also regularly organizes workshops and expeditions for rookie photographers, who want to learn more about the genre from one of the best landscape photographers out there.

His profile: https://www.weareguides.com/italy/daniel-kordan

#4 Lukas Watschinger (Italy)

Lukas was born an raised in a small town in the middle of the Dolomites. His passion for photography started 2 years ago after he came back from his second worldtrip.

After having visited 35 countries and having documented his trips only with his smartphone, he decided to buy his first Dslr camera and learn more about photography. After a few months he developed a big passion for it, and he began to photograph his home area and the rugged landscape of the Dolomites. Now he tries to go out and hike as much as possible to enjoy the nature and to find new perspectives for his pictures. With his images Lukas is trying to motivate people to go out and connect more with the nature.

His profile: https://www.weareguides.com/italy/lukas-watschinger

#5 Nuri ÇORBACIOĞLU (Turkey)

Born in teachers' family, teaches at Nuh Naci Yazgan University and founded Kayseri Photo Art House.

His photographs displayed on more than 20 mixed exhibitions, until now nearly 100 photographs of him have been exhibited and awarded in more than 10 countries.

The International Federation of Photography Associations (FIAP), cannot have remained indifferent to these awards, decided to give AFIAP title to him in 2012; Artist FIAP. This is passion while travelling all around the cities to take photos, he thought 'Why am I travelling alone?' and starts to organize photo tours with the name of 'Journey to Anatolia'.

His profile: https://www.weareguides.com/turkey/nuri-corbacioglu

#6 Nick Hanson (UK)

Nick is a multi award winning photographer from Dumfries, South West Scotland.

Currently he split his time between the Isle of Skye, where he lead photography workshops and tours for Skye Photo Academy, and Wales where he run his own photography workshops during the winter.

He has had his work featured in magazines such as Outdoor Photography, Practical Photography and Amateur Photographer.

His profile: https://www.weareguides.com/uk/nick-hanson

#7 Antony Spencer (UK)

Antony is a British, award winning landscape & nature photographer.

He has traveled five continents, 30 countries so far. From chasing supercell thunderstorms across the Great Plains to Polar Bears hunting on the Arctic Sea Ice, Lava cascading into the Pacific in Hawaii to the vast and endless Namib Desert, combining travel and photography has been incredible for him, just the best way to explore the beauty of Earth.

His profile: https://www.weareguides.com/uk/antony-spencer

#8 Marcus McAdam (UK)

Marcus McAdam has been a professional photographer for the past twelve years.

He's travelled to over 15 countries on photographic assignments for the likes of Microsoft, Panasonic and Caffe Nero. Marcus also works with companies such as English Heritage and Visit Britain, who recognise his talents as one of the UK's top landscape photographers.

Marcus has been a regular contributor and feature writer for many photographic magazines over the past few years, and has been sponsored by Hasselblad, Fujifilm, and Lowepro.

Marcus caters for all levels of experience and abilities, so will be happy to improve your photography whether you have a point and shoot compact or the latest all singing all dancing digital setup.

His profile: https://www.weareguides.com/uk/marcus-mcadam

#9 Chris Zimmermann (Switzerland)

Chris Zimmermann is a native Swiss professional photographer. He shows you the most beautiful places and gives a lot of tips and tricks when taking pictures.

Chris guides photos tours to main spots in Iceland and Switzerland and help people to create unique masterpieces of light.

His profile: https://www.weareguides.com/switzerland/chris-zimmermann

#10 Dmitry Arkhipov (Russia)

Dmitry is an award-winning professional wildlife and landscape photographer and polar guide. He was born in Moscow, Russia and has loved photography since his childhood. Being a physicist by training, he started working at Russian space science program, then he established a well-known IT company.

Dmitry traveled and photographed 115 countries so far. His five personal photo exhibitions attracted more than a million people.

His profile: https://www.weareguides.com/russia/dmitry-arkhipov

#11 Martin Bisof (Czech Republic)

Martin Bisof is Prague based professional photographer and adventurer who has years of experience with commercial shooting, guiding photo tours and teaching digital post-processing techniques.

Martin has travelled to more than 35 countries around the globe explored from the depth Amazon rain forest to the high peaks of the Himalayas. His award-winning pictures have appeared in various publications and websites and some of them were promoted also by National Geographic Yourshot.

Now he leads the project Inscape Photo Tours – Photography workshops all around the world which was always his greatest dream.

His profile: https://www.weareguides.com/czech-republic/martin-bisof

#12 Iurie Belegurschi (Iceland)

Iurie Belegurschi is an award-winning fine art nature and landscape photographer, as well as the founder of Iceland Photo Tours.

Born in Moldova, and moved to Iceland in 2006. Drawn in by the incredible light and landscapes, he began traveling the country, with the camera in hand, in search of inspiration and honing his skills. Continually winning awards in international photography competitions, his images have been published and put on display in a number of leading publications and exhibitions.

In 2012 Iurie founded Iceland Photo Tours, with the ambition of sharing the many wonders Iceland has to offer with passionate photographers from around the world.

His profile: https://www.weareguides.com/iceland/iurie-belegurschi

#13 Óli Haukur (Iceland)

Olih is a professional photographer and Photo Guide based in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Strongly passionate about photography Olih started freelancing in 2009. It was then in 2011 that he took a giant step turning his passion into a full time career.

Simultaneously studying photography at the New York Institute of Photography and at The Technical College of Reykjavik to widen his horizon. Moving away from his day job in advertising and focusing on professional photography, his talent and passion advanced onto a new plateau. Gradually he established himself as a photographer with a reputation of effortless combinations between nature and fine arts in his portraits.

His profile: https://www.weareguides.com/iceland/olih-haukur

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