Welcome to Switzerland

Switzerland has an excellent geographical location; Switzerland is bordered by Germany to the north, Italy to the south, France to the west, and Austria to the east.

If you want to go to a cosmopolitan city, like shopping and nightlife, then I suggest you go to Geneva; if you like nature, I suggest you go to Interlaken, you can go skiing in winter, and hiking in summer, you can enjoy charming scenery in the Jungfrau and the two lakes. Of course if you want to take a leisurely stroll in the old town, Lucerne is a must-see.

Great Outdoors

God always prefers Switzerland, leaving all the beauty to Switzerland, snow-capped wilderness, glacial lakes, castle gardens... There are both prosperous cities and lakes and mountains. If there is a paradise in the world, it must be the appearance of Switzerland.

The Swiss are famous for their love of outdoor sports. In spring, summer and autumn, people like climbing, cycling, swimming, and boating.

Learn to fly a plane or sky diving are young people's favourites.

The snow-capped Alps in winter is a paradise for skiers.

Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

  • 1 Bern The capital of Switzerland
  • 2 Lucerne Famous for Chapel Bridge and Water Tower
  • 3 Lake Geneva One of the largest lakes in Europe
  • 4 Lugano Nicknamed the “Monte Carlo of Switzerland"
  • 5 Jungfrau Region One of the best places to visit in Switzerland
  • 6 Zermatt Famous for skiing and mountaineering
  • 7 Zurich The largest city in Switzerland
  • 8 Geneva Home to international organizations
  • 9 Lausanne Views of both the Swiss Alps and the French Alps
  • 10 Interlaken Known as a watch making center

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Discover Switzerland

Useful Switzerland Travel Tips

Best time to visit Switzerland

The best time to travel is from July to August.

The summer in Switzerland from June to September is suitable for outdoor activities. Spring from April to May and autumn from October to November are suitable for hiking and biking, and less tourists relatively.

The temperature in winter from December to February is 2-6°C, which is best for skiing in the Alps.

Suggested travel days: 7-10 days.

Switzerland in Pictures

  1. Lauterbrunnen
    Famous for the Staubbach waterfall, the highlight of Switzerland photography.
  2. Matterhorn
    Located at the border the between Italy and Switzerland. A good place to photograph Matterhorn mountain reflected on the mirror-like surface of Stellisee Lake.
  3. Zermatt
    Photograph Zermatt town over the background of The Matterhorn peak.
  4. Zurich
    Shoot the Zurich's most recognizable landmarks - the tower of the Fraumünster Church.
  5. Saint Moritz
    Good to photograph the small town and snow-capped mountains in winter.
  6. Grindelwald
    Lush green pastures, the Eiger glacier, peaceful small town.