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Landscape photographer & workshop leader Patagonia, Whistler Alpine Photography guiding, Workshop Leader
A travel photographer and YouTuber Patagonia, Peru, Iceland, Namibia, Dolomites Photography guiding
Landscape and cityscape travel photographer Montreal (based), Greece, Chili and Bolivian Altiplano Photography guiding
Award-winning landscape photographer in Canada Photography guiding
One of the Best Nature Photographers in Canada Throughout Canada Birding, Wildlife and botany
A world-renowned bird photographer British Columbia (based) Photography guiding, Birding
A world renowned professional nature photographer Canada Photography guiding, Birding, Wildlife and botany
A great wildlife and nature photography in Canada Vancouver (based) Photography guiding, Wildlife and botany
A Canada based worldwide photo workshop leader Montreal (based), worldwide Photography guiding, Birding, Wildlife photography
A passionate Canadian photographer, educator, explorer, and writer Worldwide Photography guiding