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From the fashionable Helsinki metropolitan area, to the vibrant archipelago, and then through the tranquil and beautiful lake area, all the way to the magnificent Arctic wilderness of Lapland, Finland is a nature lover’s dream destination.


Most people who come to Finland, or to Northern Europe, will have the desire to pursue aurora. This is indeed one of the best regions in the world to observe aurora. The best observation time in Finland is September to November.

Actually, the aurora season will last until April of the following year, but the bad weather brought by the snow season is definitely not good news for observers. If you want to see the aurora, you can go north from Helsinki and enter the Arctic Circle.

Long snow season

The snow season in Finland is pretty long, making this country's snow-themed travel full of fun.

Travelers can experience ice fishing, snowmobiles, icebreakers, and aurora pursuing. Ski enthusiasts can make a special trip to the local ski resorts to ski in nature or learn to ski here.

Best Places to Visit in Finland

  • 1 Helsinki The capital and largest city of Finland
  • 2 Rovaniemi Santa Claus Village and starting point to travel north
  • 3 Savonlinna Famous for St. Olaf’s Castle
  • 4 Porvoo Known for its unique and picturesque wooden homes
  • 5 Turku Home to countless historic attractions and cultural landmarks
  • 6 Finnish Lakeland There are 55,000 lakes here
  • 7 Kemi The location of the iconic snow castle
  • 8 Aland Archipelago Composed of 6,500 islands
  • 9 Tampere The third-largest city in Finland
  • 10 Levi A winter resort for skiing and snowboarding

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Useful Finland Travel Tips

Best time to visit Finland

Finland is suitable for travel all year round, and there are different scenery in different seasons.

Aurora season: September to November
If you want to see the aurora, go there in autumn. The weather in the polar circle is not fickle in autumn, there are fewer snowy days, and a clear night is more suitable for observing the aurora.

Snow season: November to April of the following year
The amount of snow in Finland in winter is amazing. Traveling in Finland in this season can experience activities such as igloo hotel, husky sled, outdoor sauna, etc. You can also ski in a professional ski resort in Finland.

Summer: June to August
There are many national parks around Turku Archipelago in southern Finland, which are very suitable for family travel. Known as the "country of a thousand lakes", Finland exhibits a vibrant landscape in summer that is completely different from that in winter.

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